UWO Network Liaisons
and Network Installation Processes:
Presentation to the Senior Director

Peter Marshall <peter@julian.uwo.ca>,
Gary Goddard <gary@julian.uwo.ca> and
Charleen Sullivan <dascvs@uwoadmin.uwo.ca>

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Supplementary documents: The UWO Network Handbook, How do I... Get Connected to the UWO Backbone, UWO Network Policies and Procedures Manual, Network Install Process: Report of Ad Hoc Group (July 95).

1 The History and Context

2 A large and complex undertaking

3 The Problems

3.1 Network Liaisons:

3.2 Coordinating the Larger Process:

We have recognized that the well defined and documented network registration process is only part of a much larger process that includes many parts of the Division (see Figure [*]). While we have done some work to lay out an overview of that process, there is clearly no one in charge of the whole thing. Indeed, for the most part, we rely on the customer to provide much of the coordination as the building or expansion of a departmental network proceeds. In a few recent cases (like the Library or Huron College) a special group is formed to help. While this may be appropriate for the big jobs or the quasi-external jobs it probably isn't for the regular run-of-the-mill connections. We need to establish an ongoing group of experienced generalists with the time available to handle this coordination.

4 Needed from Management

In the meantime ...What's Currently Underway

A number of initiatives have recently been `spun off' from the Liaisons group (or at least have some continuing relationship to that group if only in a heavy cross over of people) to try to address or at least define some of the larger issues that we are facing. Many of these groups are forming from grassroots needs and really don't have a formal place to report. A clearer definition of organizational responsibility might help to solve many of these problems more easily. Indeed many of the problems being addressed below can be attributed to a very unfocused PC support policy over the last five years at ITS and UWO.

  Client Considers

1 Consultation, ----------- Proceed? Analysis & Design Further steps begin ONLY after the client decides to go ahead with the installation. 2 This decision is usually made after all Network hardware, software and network design Registration information and quotes have been reviewed and considered in consultation with ITS 3 consultant(s). Account Setup Once the decision is made to go ahead, certain tasks of all the following steps 4 can begin. Activating these tasks now can Network Cabling ensure a timely and integrated install for Install the department.

5 Hardware & Equipment Install

6 Workstation Configuration & Applications Install

7 Training & Support

Figure 1: Summary Overview of Network Install Process (From the Bookstore Study Group)

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UWO Network Liaisons
and Network Installation Processes:
Presentation to the Senior Director

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