Slieve League Panorama Pixel-peeping Page

First on the left is a reasonably sized reduction of the slieve league panorama image. This one is still a 15x reduction! On the right is a detail from the shore and beach that's just visible in the middle right of the large shot. Look for the triangular cave at the base of the cliff. The right image is at 100% and at this magnification you can just make out what might be a pair of an orange life preservers above the wave line at the base of the cliff (near the the right edge of the image). I wonder... Perhaps people do climb down!
 League (at 7%), Donegal, Ireland Slieve League
 100% detail, Donegal, Ireland
©2008 Marshall Ikonography

And one final image shown at 50% that gives a better idea of the detail in the image. The rocks are off shore, again near the centre of the image but off to the left this time:
Slieve League-50% detail, Donegal, Ireland
©2008 Marshall Ikonography
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